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The new way of live broadcasting
for musicians.

Epiqur is a hardware enabled live broadcasting platform which is specialized on music. Through Epiqur, anybody can broadcast from their stages, studio sessions, homes or anywhere they want.


Epiqur team was demanding an user-focused design for their new outstanding platform which will lead a new way in music industry. Our UX/UI teams started working on the strategy for live broadcasting based mobile platforms.

Broadcasting any where any time

We analyzed all the details of major live broadcasting mobile apps. Also we have a huge difference between the “other” broadcasting apps which is called: Epiqur GEAR. Epiqur GEAR is the hardware of the Epiqur which is an innovative hardware for musicians to carry their studios/concert halls/or just emotional moments with them to anywhere.

Epiqur GEAR was came up the idea with in that we focused on the user experience with the concept of “broadcasting any where any time”. Our whole design strategy is built on user-focused mobility to make feel musicians freedom of “broadcasting any where any time”.

Sync with Epiqur GEAR

Our broadcasting friendly design let musicians to sync with their Epiqur GEAR and start broadcasting easily. Epiqur app let you to sync multiple Epiqur GEARs that broadcasters can easily manage them with the app.


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